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About Gerber School

The motto of Gerber Elementary School is "Achieving Excellence". Our mission is to provide a stable environment that will foster our childrens' feelings of self-worth and that will allow our students to:

  • develop sound educational skills
  • acquire an understanding of the privileges and responsibilities necessary to be productive citizens
  • learn the information and concepts needed to make wise personal choices.

School programs help all students meet content and performance standards. Categorical budget items are aligned closely with the site plan and the Local Educational Agency Plan (LEA Plan). The school uses a variety of methods to evaluate the effectiveness of its overall program each year. All segments of the school community participate in the evaluation process. Results of this process are communicated to all segments of the school community in a variety of ways, beyond the School Accountability Report Card and student report cards. Gerber Union Elementary School serves approximately 410 students in grades K-8. A state funded pre-school is located on campus which feeds into the Gerber School population. The Gerber Community Day School is also located on campus and serves students in grades 4-8. The Gerber School District is characterized as a rural unincorporated area of approximately 70 square miles in the center of Tehama County. Of the 3000 residents within the district, the community of Gerber has a population of 900 and El Camino, which is more spread out, contains over 1300 people. It is one of 18 small school districts within the county and is a feeder school for Red Bluff High School District.

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