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Publisher Houghton
McGraw Hill/
Prentice Hall
K-3 Scott Foresman
4-5 Harcourt Brace
6-8 Holt, Rinehart, & Winston
Mcgraw Hill/
Curriculum Medallians with ELD      
K Education Place California Math K   CA Science K
1 Education Place California Math 1   CA Science 1
2 Education Place California Math 2   CA Science 2
3 Education Place California Math 3   CA Science 3
4 Education Place California Math 4 Reflections CA Science 4
5 Education Place California Math 5 Reflections CA Science 5
Curriculum Holt Language and Literature      
6 Holt Language & Lit. CA PH Math ClassZone Earth Science 6
7 Holt Language & Lit. CA PH Math ClassZone Life Science 7
8 Holt Language & Lit. CA PH Math ClassZone Physical Science 8

Houghton Mifflin/National Geographic with Hampton Brown SIPPS
National Geographic with Hampton Brown
Success Maker
Math Facts
PBS Kids
Timez Attack
  Inside with ELD    

Language Arts: The school district has implemented the Houghton Mifflin (HM) Reading Program (K-6) and Holt Rinehart Winston Reading Program (7-8). Kindergarten through grade 5 maintain leveled homogenous reading groups using the HM Universal Access Handbooks. Literature books are used as supplemental reading materials in grades 3-8 for those students who are reading above grade level. The Accelerated Reader Program is implemented in grades 1-8 to provide additional incentive to read. The Success Maker & Ellis computer programs are available in the computer lab and classrooms for assessment and remediation in reading.

English Language Development (ELD): Teaching and resource staff currently use state adopted curriculum materials from several textbook companies: Hampton Brown, Avenues, High Point, and Houghton-Mifflin. ELD instruction is provided in the classroom by certificated teachers, paraeducators, and bilingual resource staff.

Math: The math curriculum is standards based and includes all strands of the California State Frameworks. MacMillan/Mc Graw Hill(K-5 grades), Prentice Hall (6th-8th grades), supplemented by Standards Plus focus lessons Success Maker, and Accelerated Math in the computer room and classrooms.

History/Social Science: Implementation of the SBE approved materials in history/social science has begun. Scott Foresman is used in grades K-3, Harcourt Brace in grades 4-5, and Holt, Rinehart, Winston in grades 6-8.

Science: The District currently has adopted MacMillan/McGraw-Hill for grades K-6 and CPO for grades 7 & 8. Visual and Performing Arts: Currently, the district supports graphic and other media arts as integrated elements of our language arts and social science curriculum. In 2006/7 Gerber purchased the "Arts Attack" arts program. Examples of student artwork are displayed throughout the school year in their respective classrooms, hallways, library, and cafeteria. The artwork can also be viewed during Back to School night and Open House. Gerber School owns a kiln and students have the opportunity to acquire ceramic skills. The District employs a three day per week music teacher to teach band, chorus and music instruction for students in grades 1-8. Classroom teachers provide song, rhythm and beat for students in kindergarten.

Physical Education: The P.E. program emphasizes age-appropriate motor skill improvement and physical activities as major goals for all students. Various curricular materials are used by individual teachers, including S’cool Moves, a motor-skill developmental program for grades K-6. In 2007 the school built a new track to enhance physical education programs. Alignment of staff development to standards, assessed student performance and professional needs The content of professional development is based on school needs and student achievement. The primary focus of professional development is on implementing a standards-based curriculum. Professional development also includes strengthening subject-matter expertise and classroom management. New teachers or teachers new to a grade level, are carefully selected and supported during their first years of teaching. New teachers have the opportunity to participate in the Beginning Teachers Support and Assessment Program (BTSA). All teachers are encouraged to take advantage of professional development opportunities at the district, county, and regional levels. Opportunities are provided at staff meetings for teachers to share what they have learned from their professional development. Cluster group meetings are held monthly to support collaboration between grade level groups. The district will add 10 minimum days to the school calendar to provide additional time to teacher collaboration and data analysis.