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The purpose of Gerber School is to engage in authentic family partnerships to create a culture where students feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to participate in our global community. 
El propósito de la escuela de Gerber es participar en asociaciones auténticas familiares para crear una cultura en la que los estudiantes sientan que pertenecen y estén capacitados para participar en nuestra comunidad global.

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Parent Education Opportunities

At Gerber school we encourage parents to take an active role in their child's education. We have many chances for parents to learn alongside their child in our school and out in the commuity. Follow the link below to learn more about upcoming programs.

Click here to learn more about current opportunities.

Apple sitting on books with vaccine information
Apple sitting on books with vaccine information in Spanish

Home Learning

Click here to see home learning opportunities by grade level.

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STEM Education

For Those Interested in a STEM Education Pathway.

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Parent Resources

Click here for COVID-19 information and educational resources, family and academic resources to support students at home, and safe tech use.

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Student Links

Click here for a list of appropriate educational websites for kids

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