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STEM Education at Gerber

STEM curriculum at Gerber focuses on teaching practical skills, awakening curiousity, and creating mastery of foundational knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

As Gerber School implements our technology plan, we will include an increasing number of STEM lessons, tools, and experiences; watch this page for updates. To learn more about STEM education, check out the California Stem Learning Network, the California Department of Education's STEM page, or the STEMed Coalition.

We have 2 upcoming STEM events to look forward to!

The Hour of Code is coming next week! Between December 7 and 13, millions of students around the world will celebrate Computer Science Education Week by learning the basics of computer programming during one-hour lessons. The goals of HoC are to introduce coding and computational thinking to students of all ages and backgrounds, and to open the high-tech fields of study to students who might not normally be excited about them.

On January 28, we have our first STEM night! Come meet STEM professionals in our community, engage in hands-on science activities, and learn about what Gerber teachers are doing in Science, Math, and Technology!

Teachers: Book time in the Computer Lab.